With the increasing operating costs to laundry operators, installations of Ozone laundry systems are growing and will continue to do so in the future. Ozone offers many measurable economic benefits: decreased water/sewage costs, energy savings, labor savings, increased linen life, and maybe the most important to laundry operators “a rapid return on investment.”

Decreased Water/Sewage Costs

Eliminating one or two rinse cycles per load can result in water savings of 10 to 30 percent. Laundry operators in some hotels and nursing homes have reported savings of 25 to 35 percent of water and sewage cost. Actual water savings vary depending on the practices of the laundry before conversion to ozone as well as the chemistry and wash protocols adopted with the conversion to the ozone laundry system.

Energy Savings

Ozone can greatly reduce the demand for hot water because Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent that works well in cold water. Less hot water translates into significant energy savings. Additional savings can result from shorter drying times. Ozone water expands fabric fibers allowing more moisture to be removed from the fabric when the washer is in extraction (spin cycle). This can result in better air flow through the fabric in the drying tumbler, also reducing drying time..

Shorter laundry wash-cycles and drying times yields more loads per shift. Decrease the re-washing of heavily soiled or stained articles with the superior cleaning power of ozone.

Labor Savings

Increased Linen Life

Reduced wash-cycle and dry-cycle times result in less “wear and tear” on linens within the laundry equipment. Ozone users report from 10% to 25% increases in the life of their linens.

Return On Investment

Payback period for most laundry operators is 12 to 18 months.

Put D&M and ozone to work for you and start enjoying the measurable savings. Cut cost, improve labor, and get a high return on your investment.