Speed Queen Commercial machines are top of the line. Compared to other brands of washers I have had, the Speed Queen Commercial line requires less maintenance, is easier to work on and does a much better job of cleaning. I would say that Speed Queen Commercial blows the other brands out of the water. The spray rinse in the door makes a world of difference in producing cleaner linens.

I don’t think there are any service technicians better than those of D&M. They are very thorough in their work and take the time to explain what they are doing. That helps me in training my own technicians.

I can recommend D&M to anyone who is considering purchasing equipment or looking for good service. They listen to what I have to say and that means a lot.

Tim McJunkin, Director of Maintenance

The Speed Queen Commercial equipment we have in our laundry is very dependable and does a very good job of cleaning. In-fact, I would not want any other brand of equipment or any one other than D&M in my laundry. Their service technicians are very good and we receive the kind of support from the sales and parts department that we need.

Barbara Null, Laundry Supervisor

We recently purchased additional Speed Queen Commercial washers and dryers for our commercial laundry business. We are extremely pleased with the efficiency and speed of production that we are achieving with this equipment. The new OPT (over-dry prevention technology) dryer is fantastic. We have reduced our drying time about 10 minutes per cycle and over a period of time that will result in a huge savings in utilities and labor.

In addition, the technical support we have received from D&M has been outstanding. Anytime there is a problem, they are right there to help us out.

Terry & Alice, RCS, LLC - Destin, FL

Three years ago, Charles “Mark” King took a chance on us. He was facing major water heater problems one year before a scheduled renovation was to take place at his facility. He got more than he expected. Not only has he turned his water heater off, he has completely removed it! Yes, Community Care of Rutherford County is washing all of their nursing home linen in 100% Cold Ozonated Water. He went on to tell us that the return on his investment was about 12 months, and his linen is whiter, softer, and lasting much longer.

Ken White, Community Care of Rutherford County

We have an ArtiClean cold water ozone laundry system in our Geneva Ramada Resort and Hampton Inn. The sheets and towels are fresher, linens last much longer, AND we have more than enough hot water for guests, where it should be.

Victor Nelson, Ramada Geneva Lakefront Resort, Geneva NY